I am so grateful my curiosity to explore my weird led me to ISL. And you. And Joce. And Kristin. And all our fellow ISLiens. And to now meet Sookïe. Sookïe is a dream. Thank you for sharing your weird in all its stunning glory.

My weirds may include but are not limited to my orchestration of haunting piano theater... usually about nothing, I rarely pass or witness an animal or insect without verbally stirring up conversation or greeting at the very least, my proclivity to dance with strangers if they happen to be playing music as I walk by, my joy of skipping, twirling, and jeté-ing with terrible form on nature walks in an effort to breathe in the Earthen goodness with every quantum cell of my being.

Thank you for bringing awareness to my weird. It feels lovely to share. 🍄

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i mind my manners in front of black birds. i will never sit good in chairs. "a lot of eye contact." i want to find the stupid question.

i love your weird and mine.


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I'm following Kelly around Substack and loving what I find! Is that weird? Yesterday I found a dead rat in our garden. My first feeling was sadness for the poor, frozen dead thing. Then curiosity- how did it meet its demise? Then revulsion, it'd probably been living in our cellar!😬 Finally, and this is the weird bit... decided to try and freeze it in a block of ice to make art with. Alas, dead rats apparey float and I didn't have the dedication to figure it out, so the rat went in the bin. A far less fitting tribute I think. Too weird?😶

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