despite what the groundhogs may have declared...

February 2023

(psst! it is the last day to sign up for my online course!)
aka an exciting new endeavor I hope you'll pilot with me!
wherein time goes *poof* and we all become spectaclists

January 2023

and other little wishes for the new year

November 2022

otherwise known as.... my birthday
+ a workshop and a little prompt for YOU!

October 2022

and an upcoming market you can find me at!

September 2022

one of the objects most precious to me is a prism that used to hang in my grandparents’ windows, which now hangs awkwardly in my kitchen window, trying…

August 2022

Thoughts on abundance, a new character, and a workshop re-do date!

July 2022

meet a new stranger and a workshop: "everything is a story"

June 2022

following on the theme of serendipity from last newsletter...